Tricia sittingAs a professional writer, I enjoy the art and craft of weaving words into the tapestry of life. I love to capture life's moments and to capsulate them into short stories or poetry, especially haikus. For many years, my life partner, Forrest, and I have been dedicated to helping others to understand the value of daily sanctuary and peace in their lives. We travel and speak regularly throughout North America on the subject. It makes sense that my writings may be seen as "sanctuary moments."

Good fortune has allowed me (us) to write a few bestsellers. For example, our 32-page Home Composting Made Easy (Cortesia Press) is the world's most popular guide, with over one million copies in print. Perhaps the most known is our bestseller, The Sanctuary Garden: Creating a Place of Refuge in Your Yard and Garden (Simon & Schuster, now out-of-print, but to be re-released by Cortesia Press spring 2007). Initially published in 1998, this book was the first to inspire a whole new reverential movement in gardening - sanctuary gardens, healing gardens, spiritual gardening, etc - with numerous other fine books on the subject written by other authors. If you are looking for a lovely, soulful and inspiring book to read, I encourage you to find a copy. You won't be disappointed, and you will understand more my passion for gardening, nature, all things spiritual, and especially life lived in reverence at our 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary in the hills above Eugene, Oregon.

Enjoy my small sampling of writings below. Look for continued additions over time.

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